Open Call for Contributions


Share your Vision

We’re issuing an open call to share your vision of the Future of Open Education. The “open education” conversation of the last few years has been consumed with the hype of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the use of Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OERs) as the savior for spiraling college costs. However, we think there’s a broader future and we’d like to do what we can to encourage the open education community to have that discussion.

We have before us an incredible opportunity to use open educational resources, practice, pedagogy, data and more to build a true next generation learning experience. What if we dare to dream? What does education look like in 20 years if we can side-step existing constraints, use a true open approach and leverage new scientific and pedagogical advances?

We invite you to imagine open education in 2036.

Share your Vision

We encourage you to share this call among your colleagues, we’re committed to sharing a vision of the future that embraces the diversity of the open education community. We want to make sure that we include voices from as many aspects of open education as we can. We’re also committed to a civil and respectful conversation.

—Norman Bier and Brandon Muramatsu