The FutuOER project was conceived of by Norman Bier and Brandon Muramatsu.

Open Education 2016 White Paper Authors

TJ Bliss, The Future of OER
Lorna M. Campbell, Dream A Little
Catherine Casserly, 2036: The Evolutionary Revolution of Open Education Realized
Una Daly, Future of Open Education at Community Colleges
Stephen Downes, Open Learning in the Future
Mary Lou Forward, Building the Open Future of Education
Cable Green, Universal Education Realized
David Kernohan, A Letter from 2036
Andy Lane, The Price of Freedom: Open Education and the Tragedy of the Commons
Katsusuke Shigeta & Tomohiro Nagashima, Envisioning the Future of Open Education: A Perspective from the Non-English-Speaking World
Marshall (Mike) Smith, Wither Open Educational Resources in 2036?
Paul Stacey, A University of Open
Willem van Valkenburg, From Open Education to Open Science
Martin Weller & Patrick McAndrew, The OER Research Themes of the Future
Karen E. Willcox and Luwen Huang, Mapping Unbundled Open Education Resources: Pathways Through the Chaos

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